Students for a Free Tibet UK

Students for a Free Tibet UK (SFT UK) is a national network based in London, working in solidarity with the Tibetan people in their struggle for human rights, democracy and freedom. We are a group-based network of young people in colleges, universities or in the community across the United Kingdom.

 ‘We believe every individual has the right to be free. Those who enjoy freedom have the power and also a responsibility to make a positive change in the world.‘ (SFT HQ) The Tibetan cause is a fight for justice. It is a non-violence movement and promotes the fundamental rights and freedom of millions of people within Tibet. Tibetan culture, religion, language, heritage – our very identity – is threatened by the occupying colonial forces of communist China. 

SFT UK does this through various campaigns. Our HQ in London is responsible for the website and leading the campaigns, provides training and support for the groups throughout the country, organises conferences and seminars, and helps develop the growing network of SFT UK chapters. 

We aim to gather like-minded young people who share our values. Why not join us? You can join an existing chapter at your college or university. Or if there isn’t a chapter up and running yet, why not set one up yourself? It is not difficult – and we at SFT-UK are here to support you to do just that!

What We Do?


Please participate in SFT UK hard-hitting campaigns to free political prisoners, stop China’s destructive infrastructure projects in Tibet, and get government leaders worldwide to take action for Tibet. Together we can raise the stakes of occupying Tibet for the Chinese government, until Tibet is free.

We are focusing on a number of campaigns this year: say NO to Confucius Institute, Where is Panchen Lama?, and Free Tashi Wangchuk etc.

Training and Conference

The SFT UK Annual Conference took place on the 22-23 November, two days training participants an overview of the basic principles of grassroots organising; the use of social media in campaigns, spreading awareness and keeping in touch; strategic planning; and direct action.

We invited leaders of Tibetan Youth Association in Europe, Leaders of SFT, to give us the benefit of their experience and to lay the foundations for future collaborations

Get Involved

SFT is built on grassroots, community organizing. We encourage everyone to start a chapter in their community to pave a road to a free and independent Tibet. Only with the involvement of diverse, local groups is our mission possible.

You can make a difference in the Tibetan Freedom Movement. By building an active community around you, you give Tibetans inside Tibet hope for freedom and independence. It’s simple — start your own chapter.

News on Tibet

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