Say No to Huawei and UK 5G

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Send an email to Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Students for a Free Tibet UK started this petition to Boris Johnson (Prime Minister)

Students for a Free Tibet UK fully supports the campaign to stop Huawei developing part of the UK 5G network.
The government is currently undertaking a review of their earlier decision to allow Huawei, the Chinese telecoms giant, to build a big part of the UK`s 5G broadband infrastructure.
If, like us at SFT UK, you think it is a BAD idea to involve Huawei, PLEASE email the Prime Minister NOW to tell him so.
The great thing about a liberal democracy (unlike China) is that we the people can influence government policy – if enough of us tell the government how we feel.
Tell the Prime Minister that involving Huawei is a security threat to the nation and a security threat to each one of us personally who will use the 5G network. Huawei is directly subject to the control of the Chinese Communist Party and the Peoples` Liberation Army.
Using Huawei means that all communications will find their way back to computer servers in China – and will therefore be subject to surveillance by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). And it does happen. The CCP employ five million (yes, five MILLION) employees to snoop on internal communications and now communications outside China. If you happen to use any words that are sensitive to the CCP – dangerous words like “democracy, freedom, human rights, Tibet, Dalai Lama, Tiananmen, Uyghur detention camps, Falun Gong” or anything critical of China, you will find yourself on a digital file in China. To be used if and when the occasion demands.
And the CCP are not nice people to deal with.
Another reason to stop Huawei is that it puts the UK at the mercy of China when spare parts or technical changes are required to the 5G network. The Chinese dictatorship have revealed their bad faith recently in the corona virus crisis by restricting or blocking supplies of PPE to those countries that have not followed the CCP line. They will do the same when maintenance is needed on the 5G infrastructure. Or worse, interfere with the functioning of the internet.
The CCP do not separate politics from economics. For them, economic power becomes a means to exert political pressure.
So, if you also think that allowing the Chinese Communist Party access to our national communications and your personal phone calls and messages is a bad idea, PLEASE tell the Prime Minister to  “say No to Huawei and 5G”.
It`s dead easy. It takes 5 minutes. You google “email the prime minister UK”; that leads you direct to the No.10 webpage; you write your name and email address, then the heading, then a short message; they email you to make sure you are not a spambot; you click on the email link and the message is sent. Easy as that.
The key thing is the heading. Write something direct and simple like “say NO to Huawei and 5G”. The reader at No.10 may not get further than this heading but the important thing is that they note another voter does not want Huawei involved.
If enough of us tell the PM, we can get the government to reverse its decision. And with this in mind, it would really help the campaign if you could pass on this message to as many other people in your email address book who may feel the same way. 

Published by Students for a Free Tibet UK

Students for a Free Tibet UK (SFT UK) is a national network based in London, working in solidarity with the Tibetan people in their struggle for human rights, democracy and freedom. We are a group-based network of young people in colleges, universities or in the community across the United Kingdom. ‘We believe every individual has the right to be free. Those who enjoy freedom have the power and also a responsibility to make a positive change in the world.‘ (SFT HQ) The Tibetan cause is a fight for justice. It is a non-violence movement and promotes the fundamental rights and freedom of millions of people within Tibet. Tibetan culture, religion, language, heritage – our very identity – is threatened by the occupying colonial forces of communist China.

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