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You are eligible to register as a SFT UK Membership, when you support for Tibet cause and solidarity with Tibetan people in the freedom movement. we appreciate your participation, support and generous contribution. Please contact: further. You can send us your details. We will get back you soon.

Start a SFT chapter

SFT is built on grassroots, community organizing. We encourage everyone to start a chapter in their community to pave a road to a free and independent Tibet. Only with the involvement of diverse, local groups is our mission possible.

Starting a chapter can make a big difference to the Tibetan freedom movement. The more groups there are, the stronger our voice becomes. 

Learning the Truth can open peoples hearts and minds to what is happening in Tibet – and has been for over 61 years. 

You can make a difference in the Tibetan Freedom Movement. By building an active community around you, you give Tibetans inside Tibet hope for freedom and independence. It’s simple — start your own chapter.

5 Easy Ways – start your own chapter.


Once you (with or without anyone else at the start) have decided you would like to open up a Chapter at your school, college, university or community, you will first need to register with us. You can email us: If you need any assistance with this, then please contact us on email and we would be more than happy to help. There is no cost and no commitment


If you are opening up a society (chapter) at a school, college or university, it is important to then get official recognition.

Most of the UK universities and colleges have an official student union and societies are generally registered with them. The process varies between the student unions of different universities but generally are not made difficult for students to access. Some may require that you can only register a society at the beginning of the year, some mid-year and some whenever. Please do not hesitate to contact us as we will be able to help you navigate through this. 

If you would like to set up a group at your school, contact the school office to find out how it is done where you are. It is usually quite informal, but each school will have its procedures


Specifically, for university and college chapters, Freshers week at the start of the academic year in September, is one of the most important times to let students know about SFT, your group and getting more involved. Not only that, but it is a great way to raise awareness about the Tibetan cause and your part in the movement for freedom and human rights Tibet.

Freshers events can be fun and very creative! Just contact us with sufficient time before the Freshers week so we can send materials such as pamphlets and printouts.

Freshers events may also require that you ask the student union for a table at the event. Please become familiar with this procedure with enough time before the freshers’ event so you don`t miss out. 

If you miss Freshers week, don`t worry! All colleges and universities have online notice boards (or traditional notice boards) for societies and groups where notices can be displayed. Like-minded students can get together and create a new chapter. So, you could start a new group at any time of the year.

If you are in school, you can set up a new group/club at any time of the year – just contact the school office.

If not at university, a great way to let people in your community know about your new chapter is through distributing leaflets and posters to local businesses whom may then agree to be able to pin it on a notice board or display in their window.  We can provide leaflets and posters, just get in contact. We can also have them made to include relevant details of your meeting place, time and venue and support you in making your own.


Your first event can be very important. We suggest keeping it simple – like introducing yourselves, why each of you were interested in joining, a talk/panel discussion amongst you on Tibet and how the group wants to develop. Tell them about the resources available from SFT UK and the website. This social and academic event will get the momentum going for your new SFT chapter. 

Don`t underestimate the importance of the social side of the group, a chance to make new friends with common interests and values, and the value of doing something worthy together. The group will probably start small but will hopefully grow. Meetings can be in someone`s room or home, and you can take turns to host. Or they can be held in a teaching room at college or school, a student rest area or in a local café. 

Further meetings can involve discussing areas of particular interest, current campaigns (like challenging the Chinese government-funded Confucius Institutes which are a propaganda mouthpiece of the dictatorship), talks by invited guests (including from SFT-UK – by skype or in person), the recent history of Tibet and the impact of occupation, or showing Tibetan themed movies on a laptop (like the award-winning “Pawo”, about how a brave young Tibetan came to sacrifice himself by self-immolation). The members of the group will probably come up with ideas themselves.

The group can decide how often it wishes to meet and what each member could do (if anything!) in between meetings. The group and individual members can be as active as they wish. Remember that resources and ideas are available from SFT UK – we are here to support you!

The group can also reach out to other local groups who represent communities who are similarly oppressed by communist China – like a society for Hong Kong students, an Amnesty International group, a Uyghur group or a group for Taiwanese students. All of these have common ground with the Tibetan cause. There may be scope for joint campaigns.


The final step is to utilise the mailing list you would have compiled at the Freshers event or at your meetings. It is an important resource for keeping all those interested in the Tibetan movement informed and engaged.  It is also a vital tool for communicating to all supporters between meetings and for those who may not be able to attend a meeting

During times of social distancing, meetings may even be held online through video-conferencing apps like google hangouts.

We hope you feel inspired to join us. Set up a new group if there isn`t one already in your area. We, at SFT UK, are here to support you. Be a part of a growing human rights movement!

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